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The Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA), which was established in 1983, is a nonprofit group that promotes equality and opportunities for the black community in business, employment, education, and economic growth. Black Print Studios (formerly known as InFaction Entertainment) was founded in 2012 as a Seneca College assignment for an online print store. That job served as the inspiration for the development of digital reality after seeing the potential of Black Print Studios. Black Print Studios is now recognized by the province as one of the original Ontario Summer Company and Starter Company alumni who was given funding and mentorship opportunities to further develop economic growth within the city of Brampton, thanks to assistance from the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre, the Ontario Summer Company, and the Ontario Starter Company program. 

The problem

In June 2022, for a period of four months, Notionhive began collaborating with Black Print Studio as part of a partnership with the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA). Black Print Studios was struggling to generate sales through their website or digitally. We focused our content creation on their promotional offers in order to increase their online sales through a conversion campaign.

The solution

In order to track the traffic that came from Facebook CTAs to Black Print Studios’ website, Notionhive used Meta Pixel Tracker on their Facebook page. The Meta Pixel is a piece of JavaScript code that lets you keep track of website visitor activities. When a website visitor performs an action, referred to as an “event,” that you want to track, it works by loading a WhatsApp mall library of functions that you may utilize, called a “conversion.” Tracked conversions show up in the Ads Manager, where they may be used to assess the efficiency of your website’s conversion funnels as well as develop bespoke audiences for ad targeting and Advantage+ catalog ad campaigns. This made it easier to evaluate how effective the sales campaign was.

Then, using Black Print Studios’ WhatsApp phone number, a phone extension campaign was implemented. In Google Ads (formerly AdWords), a “call extension” is an ad extension that will display your phone number next to your ad and entice potential customers to call you directly. This can appear as a “click to call” button on mobile devices. This resulted in a large number of calls for Black Print Studio. 

Moving forward, a campaign was run where region wise targeting was done through Instagram ads. Instagram is a good platform for connecting with and engaging your local community. The targeting choices for Instagram advertisements are identical to those for Facebook ads. These include automated targeting, lookalike audiences, and targeting based on location, demographics, interests, and behavior (i.e., letting Facebook decide). 90% of customers utilize the internet to find a local business, according to the most recent BrightLocal survey. Additionally, 91% of people claim that positive reviews increase their likelihood of using a company. People’s purchasing decisions may be significantly influenced by Instagram ads. Therefore, whether your company is large or small, you can design an economical campaign that attracts new clients and boosts sales.


Black Print Studio’s overall paid reach and paid impressions for the four months that they worked with Notionhive were 570,494 and 1,380,518, respectively. This was a good success for Black Print Studio because we got the best results for the amount of money we spent on media.


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