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Team involvement:

Brand service

Teachmint is a web-based teaching platform developed to assist schools, teachers, students, and parents in their relevant academic journeys. The platform consists of a website and an application that enables its users to benefit from its features like creating lesson plans, tracking progress, and distributing resources along with its core functions of taking online classes with ease. Throughout their brief journey, they have identified video production for marketing to be one of the most effective ways to attract an audience.

The problem

Teachmint, following its successful inception in India, wanted to launch the product in Bangladesh during the pandemic late in 2021. The brand wanted to reach out to the mass audience continuing their academic journey online, either through teaching, learning, or practicing. The task was to communicate the platform’s arrival to as many teachers as possible in a short period.

The solution

Research and Writing

Research showed that one of the most popular Teachmint commercials in India had a Bollywood superstar featured in it. However, the local market in Bangladesh was seen to take a product more seriously when a field-relevant individual vouched for the product – in this case, a teacher. This finding led us to contact an influencing teacher who is also active on social media to communicate the message to the mass audience. 

We wrote a localized script and plated an inspiring storyline that would be used to inform the audience about the arrival of the platform. We also included the mention of a few important features of the product and blended them together to make a compelling case to the audience in Bangladesh.

Video production

Keeping the tone of the brand in mind, we designed bright sets and portrayed different genres of teachers in their respective workspaces. The flowing structure of the script threaded together the different ways the platform could be used by teachers, students, and parents.

The final video produced was also adapted to suit different features of social media platforms such as statics, reels, and shorts to expand the reach of the message to the audience.



The video campaign gained more than 1 million views with more than 3K reactions only on Facebook excluding the numbers of reels and shorts. The platform made its way to partner up with the popular local edu-tech brand Shikho which is home to thousands of teachers in Bangladesh. Moreover, Teachmint has expanded its wings to 30 countries now making it one of the most successful educational start-ups in the world.