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Team involvement:

Brand service

Based in Toronto, Canada, Sarto is a brand which provides high quality, customized suits for men. After establishing a loyal customer base in Toronto, they expanded to Dhaka, Bangladesh. From ready-made suits to quick customized ones, Sarto offers a wide range of suits for their customers. Moreover, they have their own in-house tailor who customizes the suit on the spot as per the client’s need. From entering the store to exiting it, Sarto ensures that the customers receive a service befitting them.

The problem

As a new brand, Sarto had little awareness in the Bangladeshi market. Moreover, the name ‘Sarto’ was a common one with many similar brands having the same name. They wanted to model themselves after Massimo Dutti and Sabysachi but also create their own unique identity online. For that, they needed more brand awareness and a launch plan.

The solution

Strategy & planning

We studied the market for suits and the factors people, especially men, consider before buying one. Young adults or corporate professionals have to look good all day long so they prefer ready-made suits. We asked a few people in the target audience and found out that they prefer to purchase suits from the stores nearest to them. Fitting is also a big factor in the decision making. Moreover, the main audience is young, ambitious, and impatient millennials who want fast services.

So we prepared a style guide for the brand to give it a fixed identity. The tagline chosen by the client was ‘Suits Re-invented’ and based on that, Notionhive created the strategy and pinpointed all the digital touchpoints of the audience to promote our message to them. A kinetic typography animation brand film was created to launch Sarto and communicate its core message to re-invent suits. We used preppy music to resonate with the young audience and used carefully chosen color palettes to attract them on digital platforms.


The client scheduled a photoshoot with popular model, Zawad Wasee. Using the photos, we created a series of static, albums, and dynamic with particular emphasis on the journey of stylizing a suit. The page followers were able to scroll through the photos seamlessly to follow each post’s story.

Digital platforms

Based on Sarto’s previous experience in Toronto, it was decided that Instagram was the best choice for the brand. To fully utilize Instagram, we created grids by following the style guide and ensured consistency in every content. The content was optimized as per audience behavior on each platform to efficiently promote the brand. 

We also used Facebook for direct sales by using experiential marketing. The photos were strategically placed in albums and dynamic in order to tell the audience a story of each product. The page followers could reach out directly through inbox to order. We created a smooth pathway for the potential customers to provide fast services to them. However, we also promoted the overall ambience of the store to drive more footfall. 

Media buying

Through detailed targeting, we set the audience to men between the ages of 25 to 35. They are young professionals or fashion conscious individuals who frequently purchase suits. The outlet’s location is in Banani so we targeted the tri-state parts of Dhaka. We set our KPI to increasing brand reach, number of inbox messages, query management, and social media engagement. The budget set was $500.


In the first month, the Facebook page reach exceeded 972,096. Instagram reach was 113,990 and both platforms crossed 2,000 followers. The predominant target audience was male. We generated 4,400 queries out of which 2,500 people directly messaged our inbox. Our Community Management team created the rest of the conversations by diverting inquiries from the comments to the page’s inbox.


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