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Team involvement:

Brand service

Design a video series to promote IELTS with British Council.

Renowned globally, the British Council is a prominent UK organization connecting people with learning and creativity. Since 1951, it has been active in 110 countries, including Bangladesh, focusing notably on the IELTS program and Teaching Center. Post-pandemic, the need for a video production agency for IELTS promotion allowed us to cross paths once again.

The problem

In 2021, following a successful IELTS video series campaign, British Council Bangladesh wanted to launch another campaign that would focus on IELTS and how it has helped test-takers over the years. For years, British Council has devised creative ways to inform its audience about its services and products, which was the case for this assignment.

The solution

Planning the campaign

When we were thinking about showcasing the impact of IELTS, one of the key findings was the role of validation in our lives. With testimonials and sharing of real experiences from candidates, we could better inform the audience and feel aspects in a more relatable and real way.

So with the help of the British Council, we invited 6 guests who took the IELTS test with the British Council previously to share their thoughts. We coupled them with a special host, Parisa Shakur, who is well-known for her public speaking and versatile academic journey.

Scripting and Video Production

Once we knew what core information we wanted the audience to be aware of, we divided them into 6 episodes for easier access. We drafted questions and pointers to help our performing guests. The flow of the one-on-one episodes was lively, informative, and simple.

The hosting platform was British Council Bangladesh’s YouTube and Facebook handles and we also created teasers to promote the series to the Facebook audience. We created adaptations for reels and promoted them during the campaign.


Although the campaign was designed for 3 months, the impact of the series is still felt as there is a gradual increase in the number of viewers. The series attracted more than 380 thousand views on YouTube and is nearing 6 million views on Facebook. The campaign invited many queries from interested candidates, steering knowledge-sharing conversations benefiting everyone following on the way.

The video series played a key role in revitalizing the importance of IELTS to the budding generations and how the British Council is ready to help them.