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Team involvement:

Brand service

George’s Cafe is one of the most renowned coffee shops in Dhaka, Bangladesh. By positioning itself as ‘A slice of New York in Dhaka’, George’s Cafe provided a unique cafe experience for the people living in the capital.

The problem

Firstly, George’s Cafe wanted to create a unique brand to set them apart from the other local cafes and which would fundamentally cater to the young, affluent target segment.

Afterward, George’s Cafe required a digital video campaign to increase its sales in all of its outlets. Despite having several outlets in major areas of Dhaka city, their sales did not rise as anticipated.

The solution

Branding and marketing collateral

Our multidisciplinary teams collaborated with each other to come up with a consistent brand guideline and several brand collaterals for the client.

Video content strategy 

Despite having great static content, there was an absence of video content on the Facebook page of George’s Cafe. We comprehended this to be a valuable addition since video content was gradually becoming both relevant and prevalent in the global scenario.

Therefore, we shot a series of short and appetizing video clips to highlight the delicious offerings of George’s Cafe. The videos were shot with great attention-to-detail to make them resonate with the cafe’s current and prospective customers.


Media planning 

We chose Facebook over YouTube as a preferred social media platform to market the short videos. For the reason that YouTube can be expensive and its tracking engagement is difficult when compared to that of Facebook. Moreover, we had a budget of 200 USD for online media buying, therefore, Facebook seemed like a favorable option to maximize our mileage.


The New York-centric, youthful brand resonated well with the target audience and achieved a remarkably loyal fan base. 

The videos were viewed in excess of 200,000 times across the Facebook page and also resulted in a significant increase in engagement and sales. Some of the items featured in the videos such as the Milk Shot, Oreo Cheesecake, and Chocolate Tart were sold out within 10 days of launch. 

Subsequently, George’s Cafe experienced a significant 37% increase in overall sales across all of their outlets.