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Team involvement:

Brand service

UGO is a youth-centric lifestyle accessory brand. They encourage the youth to bring out their unique personality through smart gadgets, sunglasses, and other trendy accessories. They are also the authorized dealer of the popular watch brands, SKMEI and NAVI-FORCE.

The problem

As an aspiring brand, UGO had anticipated a few impediments they might encounter along their journey. They faced the challenge of achieving a balance between promoting other brands as well as their own brand. UGO wanted to distinguish themselves as a unique brand but they were not aware of the proper direction. We received the opportunity to help UGO achieve its goal.

Since their inception, UGO aspired to establish themselves as a unique lifestyle accessory brand based in Bangladesh. Despite their aspiration, UGO had foreseen a few problems:

As they were the exclusive dealer of SKMEI and NAVI-FORCE, UGO ran the risk of being diluted as a brand.

There were no other youth-centric lifestyle accessory brands in Bangladesh. As a result, UGO had no competitors for reference.

SKMEI and NAVI-FORCE are Chinese watch brands, which were not popular among the Bangladeshi youth. UGO was concerned with the promotion of these watch brands.

In all of their touchpoints, UGO wanted to incorporate their brand ethos. The problem was that UGO didn’t know how to reflect its brand philosophy in all of its experiences.

The solution

To resolve UGO’s problems, we provided a few solutions through our Branding and Digital Marketing services.


Style exploration

We provided UGO with a unique design language, color, font, tonality, and name to distinguish them as an exceptional brand.



UGO has 6 different color variants. The logo was designed in a way to help them coexist with other brands. 


The naming service supports UGO’s initiative of being an authorized dealer. For instance, UGO and SKMEI are joined as UGO SKMEI. The vowel at the end of the name UGO supports the coexistence of these two brands. The phonetic quality makes it easy to place it with any other brand name. This provides UGO with the opportunity to collaborate with other relevant brands in the future. 


We also designed a shopping bag for UGO that directly resonates with the youth. The design for the shopping bag was “groovy” and “graffiti-like” since the youth is more inclined towards trendy subjects. Furthermore, the inspiring and game-oriented copywriting on the shopping bag encourages the youth to be adventurous.

Digital marketing

Our big Idea

To familiarize SKMEI and NAVI-FORCE among the Bangladeshi youth, our marketing team came up with the big idea “It’s Your Game”. This emphasized on a youthful and adventurous experience one would acquire while purchasing from UGO.


The contents designed for UGO were mostly loud and colorful visuals. Copywriting for UGO was mostly focused on being game-oriented. A few examples include, “In The Game On The Go”, “Get On The Funk!”, and “The Force Awakens!”.


UGO gained a substantial amount of market share in the industry. As per their objectives, UGO differentiated as a brand among its targeted audience. Their operations as an exclusive dealer of SKMEI and NAVI-FORCE were well appreciated among consumers through our branding efforts.

UGO opened two physical stores in Dhaka city; one in Jamuna Future Park and another in Bashundhara City. They also have a few selling points; 2 in Bashundhara City, 1 in RAK Tower, and 1 in Rajshahi. 

UGO was also the proud sponsor of Shariar Bin Bashar, an aspiring athlete who represented Bangladesh at the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K, an international running event.