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tech behemoths award for notionhive

Let’s face it, the landscape of Bangladesh’s tech industry is changing drastically. To stay ahead of the game, companies have to bring out innovation and creativity. In this fierce competition, Notionhive Digital stands as a beacon of excellence. Continuing that journey, we have clinched not one but two awards in the prestigious 2023 TechBehemoths Awards.

The outstanding work of our branding and advertising team made it possible. This achievement is a significant milestone for Notionhive Digital. These awards solidify its position at the forefront of the industry and showcase the boundless potential of Bangladesh’s tech ecosystem.

Unveiling brilliance: A masterful approach to branding

At Notionhive, we like to take a deep into the soul of a brand. Our priority is not simply aesthetics; it is about understanding a company’s heartbeat, values, and customer base. That is our goal at Notionhive: to create brands that resonate and interact with people on deeper levels.

Take ACI Shinex, a visionary brand with a dream. They envisioned a celebration of childhood, a platform for parents’ aspirations, and a commitment to creating a safe, germ-free environment for babies. We embraced their vision wholeheartedly, giving birth to the campaign “Shinex Shera Hamagurian” (Baby Crawling Championship).

We didn’t just design flyers; we crafted compelling narratives that resonated with parents. And our strategic media outreach ensured the event touched millions. Want to know about the result? A resounding success, exceeding all expectations!

We connect, inspire, and become an extension of the brand itself. And when we see our client’s eyes light up, when that tech startup lands their biggest client, when that toiletries company becomes the heart of the community – well, that’s our trophy!

“Winning the Branding award is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our team,” remarked Shoaib, Head of Branding at Notionhive. “It goes beyond the creation of visually appealing logos; it’s about crafting identities that forge genuine connections and inspire meaningful engagement for our clients.”

Creative conquests: Ad campaigns that captivate and persuade

branding & advertising award 2023 - Notionhive bangladesh

It should be clear by now that Notionhive’s advertising campaigns are not mere marketing exercises but specially crafted narratives that create emotion and ignite the imagination. Take, for instance, the challenge United Real Estate gave us during the pandemic lockdown. When they came to us, desperate to find a solution for marketing property visits and sales in a world confined to screens, we knew we had to think outside the box.

COVID-19 made it difficult for buyers to visit properties in person. As a result, locked them out of making informed decisions. So, we took the virtual route, crafting a first-of-its-kind online real estate expo. This wasn’t just a website with pictures; it was an immersive experience. Using precision-targeted media campaigns, we led audiences to a microsite where they could explore properties in a whole new way.!

The result was a resounding success. Our digital media ads generated a massive response, exceeding all expectations. High-value ROAS and ROI proved the effectiveness of our approach, and United Real Estate found itself with a surge of qualified leads and happy customers. This wasn’t just about selling apartments; it was about making dreams accessible even during a crisis, and that’s what truly sets our advertising apart.

“We believe in the power of advertising to transcend the realm of mere salesmanship,” stated Tareq, Chief Operative Officer at Notionhive. “Our goal is to craft campaigns that spark emotions, ignite imaginations, and leave a lasting impression on the audience.”

Beyond the trophies: A catalyst for Bangladesh’s tech scene

Notionhive’s big win at the TechBehemoths Awards isn’t just about us! It’s a sign that Bangladesh’s tech scene is booming and full of amazing ideas. Our hard work and dedication are an inspiration to everyone in Bangladesh. Especially to young entrepreneurs, proving that anything is possible in the digital world with proper effort!

These awards are a humbling recognition of our efforts,” expressed Affan, CEO of Notionhive. “However, the ultimate joy lies in observing the positive impact of our work on clients and communities. We are merely at the beginning of our journey, and we are determined to take Bangladesh’s tech scene along for the ride.”

The Notionhive edge: Get ahead of the curve

To us at Notionhive, TechBehemoths awards are more than just trophies! They’re an open invitation to brands who want to reach their full potential.  So whether you are gearing up to start a new business or are a seasoned industry leader, our award-winning expertise in branding and advertising can take you to new heights.

Partner with Notionhive today and venture on a journey of transformative success. Bring out the champion within your brand and achieve greatness!